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What can you expect from when we start your roofing project until we finish the job?

  • Removal of your existing roof is the first step performed by our company.

  • Upon removal of all existing roofing material we will start to install new decking if it is needed and we will inspect for any structural damage of your existing sheathing, rafters, or other possible water damage in the field or on the perimeter of your roof that may have occurred over time. We are required to replace all damaged wood before continuing with the installation of the new roof. Your estimate will detail the charges for this additional work.

  • Install Underlayment. All roofing materials require an underlayment to assist in achieving a watertight roof system.

  • Every roof requires flashings at all valleys, walls, and penetrations (pipes, vents, chimneys, and skylights) and additional attic ventilation as part of the reroof process. All flashings are primed and painted to match the color of the roof.

  • Installation of the new material. (Fiberglass Asphalt Composition Shingles, tile, etc.)

  • Final Inspection and Cleanup. All projects require a final inspection and sign off from the local city's building department. All work is to be completed prior to final, and the jobsite left clean and free of roofing related debris

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