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Mobile-Home Roofing

Danel Roofing Inc provides safe and dependable re-roof, roof repairs, and coatings to mobile homes.

Re-Roof: We will obtain a permit from the Department of Housing and Community Development located in Sacramento and handle all related fees, inspections, and final job sign-offs. We also take care of the requirements that the mobile home park requires before starting the roof project.

Roof-Repair: After we carry out a roof inspection, our team of experts will recommend options to deal with your leaking roof. They will provide you with an accurate evaluation of the potential cost of the roof repair. 

Coating: mobile homes with flat roofs use rubber or metal as their roofing material. The most common roof repair to a flat roof is a coating that seals all cracks on roof ventilation, roof seams, and roof penetrations.

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Office location: San Martin and Eureka, CA
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